User interface


The sidepanel can be opened by clicking the navigation icon in the upper right corner or by pressing F10.

State management

  • Store: save the state of all widgets in the temporary slot
  • Recall: reload saved state from the temporary slot
  • Send All: make all widgets send their current value
  • Export: save the state of all widgets to a .preset file
  • Import: load a state from a .preset file

Traversing gestures

By default, a dragging gesture can only affect the widget it started on. Enabling traversing gesture does two things:

  • make gestures affect every widgets no matter where they started
  • make sliders-like widgets respond as if their snap option is enabled


See Editing sessions.


Mouse Touch Description
Click Tap Handled at pressing time, not releasing.
Double Click Double Tap Some widgets handle double click / tap events.
Right-click Long touch Widgets that have only one value input will give focus to it when receiving this event. When the editor is enabled, Right-click / Long touch spawns the editor's context menu.
Drag The widgets respond to mouse and touch drag gestures with a 1:1 precision ratio. By using two or more fingers, one can obtain higher precision gestures : each finger that touches the widget without moving will slow down the moving one.