User interface

URL Options

Client specific options can be set by adding query parameters to the server's url. One must prepend the url with a question mark (?) followed by parameter=value pairs separated with ampersands (&).

Supported options:



Interaction events

Click / Tap

Click / Tap events are handled at pressing time, not releasing.

Double Click / Tap

Some widgets handle double click / tap events.

Right-click / Long touch

Widgets that have only one value input will give focus to it when receiving this event. When the editor is enabled, Right-click / Long touch spawns the editor's context menu.


The widgets respond to mouse and touch drag gestures with a 1:1 precision ratio. By using two or more fingers, one can obtain higher precision gestures : each finger that touches the widget without moving will slow down the moving one.


The session editor can be enabled in the side panel. Once enabled, clicking on a widget or on a tab will make it the selected object, adding a fancy dashed blue border to it.


All the selected object's properties are displayed and can be modified in the side panel. Any modification will redraw the object and all its children if the submitted data is valid. Please refer to the widgets reference for the list of valid options.

Widgets containers such as tabs, strips and panels will also list their children here, which can be reordered using drag-and-drop.

Size / Position

The selected object can be resized using its south, south-east and east handles. It can be dragged with its north-west handle.


By default, widget resizing / dragging snaps to a 10 pixel wide grid. Its width can be customized in the editor (when its enabled). Setting its width to 1 will disable it. Note that the grid doesn't affect manual setting of a widget's size / position.

Context menu

Right clicking / long touch on a widget or on a tab will also display a context menu providing useful utilities :