Open Stage Control

Open Stage Control is a libre desktop OSC bi-directionnal control surface application. It's built on web technologies and run as an Electron web server that accepts any number of clients.

Try the online demo (Chrome 50+ required)

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Controlling Ardour

Supported platforms

The server can run on all platforms supported by Electron. The only supported client browsers are the one provided with the server and Chrome/Chromium version 50 or later. For iOS devices, the minimal version required is 9.3.

Need help ? Found a bug ?

Head over the github issue tracker :)

License & credits

Copyleft © Jean-Emmanuel @ AMMD 2017

This program is a free software released under the GNU/GPL3 license, it relies on the use of several other free softwares, including Node.js, Electron, osc.js,, browserify, exorcist, express, node-sass, jQuery, jQuery-UI, Font Awesome, source-map, mathjs


BrowserStack helps debugging Open Stage Control by providing a complete suite of browser emulators for Android, iOS and Windows, how awesome is that ? Quite very much indeed !